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Business Insurance

All About Business Insurance

Having business insurance will ensure your business success. Whatever your insurance coverage needs are, we're here to help. Get a quote or talk to an agent.

Key Person Insurance
Having life insurance on the business owner or key employee, people who are very important to the business. When something happen to them, the company or business may not survive. Having insurance on these people are very important to the survivorship of any companies or businesses. The company buys the life insurance on these key persons, pay the premium and is the beneficiary of the policy.

Executive Bonus Life Insurance
This is usually offer to the executive in a company, the company pays for the premium and can deduct it as tax-exempt contribution. The executive receives the benefit and can loan from the policy. When something happen to them the executive family can receive the benefit. This is a great way to attract and keep important employees.

Business Life/ Heath Insurance & Retirement/Annuity
To attract and retain employees, businesses usually offer group life/health insurance to their employees. They can also offer retirement savings and annuity to retain important employees.


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Whatever your insurance coverage needs are, we're here to help life go right.
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